I Need To Do Better….At Reducing My Cooling Cost


By this time of year, the cost to cool a house has just about hit it’s peak, at least that’s what we hope.  I have managed to put some changes into effect that have saved us about $50 on our electric bill when compared to 2006 and 2007.  Here’s a list of things I’ve done to lower our energy cost:

1.  Turn up the thermostat to 78 degrees.  Higher if you can stand it.  Where cool clothes and drink lots of water.  Use fans to circulate air and keep everyone cooler.

2.  Keep the filter changed on your system.  Dirty filters can cause a system to work harder, which costs you more.  Pleated filters are the best.

3.  Keep your condensing unit clean and free from grass, and debris.  It’s ok to rinse it off with the garden hose, and should be done at least 2 times every summer.

4.  Keep closet doors closed.  Don’t cool areas of the house you don’t use.  Having closet doors opened increases the area the air conditioner has to keep cool.  Less is more.

5.  Keep the sun out.  Yes, I know, you enjoy the sunshine.  Well if you enjoy it that much, go outside for awhile, but keep it out of the house.  It just heats the house up, and makes your air conditioner work hard all day.  I actually have all my windows coverd with dark curtains, or I put dark sheets over them to keep out the sunlight. 

6.  Don’t turn on the oven.  Make meals that can be cooked on the stove or in a crock pot.  The oven just heats the house up. 

7.  Don’t take steaming hot baths or showers.  This increases your body temperature, and makes you feel hot.  Washing in cooler water lowers the cost to heat water, and make you feel cool and refreshed.  Washing your laundry in colder temperatures will also help lower your monthly bill.

8.  Change your light bulbs to compact fluorescent, or other energy saving bulbs.  They use less energy and last soooo much longer.  Just be sure to read up on the different kinds available.  I bought some that take a few minutes to get to full light.  Not what I expected.

9.  Lower the temperature on your water heater.  Having the water heater maintain a higher heat cost more.  It has to cycle on more to keep up.  Keep in mind if you have children or elderly living with you that hot water can scald their sensitive skin very easily.  So do it for safetys sake.

10.  Put tennis balls in your dryer.  It really works!  I added 6 to my dryer and have been able to dry a load one time on low heat, and use a dryer sheet 3 times before I have to add another.  Clothes don’t wrinkle as fast either!

These are just a few suggestions to help you lower your monthly bill without breaking the bank replacing windows, or adding insulation. 

Your  “I need 2 do better” challenge is to make 5 changes to help lower your cooling costs.


Try Being Happy.


I have angry children.  I know this is my own fault, because when I was younger, I was angry about everything.  I was angry I had to work, angry we had no money, angry that my house was messy, angry I had to cook, angry that the neighbors appeared to be not angry….and the list goes on.  This is what my children saw as they grew up.  Two angry parents.  We flipped out about the smallest things and this is the example we set for our kids.  Now, they are angry about everything. 

Now that I’m nearing the half century mark, I don’t see the benefit in being angry.  It just makes life less fulfilling and dreadful.  Since coming to this more peaceful place in my life, I find it difficult to convince my kids that letting everything make you angry is counter productive.  They have been programmed from a very early age, and that programming is hard to reverse. 

So here is my “Ineed2dobetter” challenge for you.  If you are the parent of small children, or if you care for small children, leave the anger in a corner to be used only if absolutely necessary.  Help those children to experience happiness all the time, to find beauty and wonderment in little things.  Angry children are destructive and do hateful things.  Happy children, children without anger, have better self esteem, and care for people.  Lets help more of those children emerge.  We can do without all the angry people.